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Under the umbrella of the competence centre close cooperations on national and international level between geoscientific research institutions and the existing supercomputer infrastructure are promoted. In cooperation with the Simulation Laboratory Terrestrial Systems (SimLab TerrSys) technical and infrastructural support is given to all partners.

National Partners

RWTH Aachen University

Institute for Applied Geophysics and Geothermal Energy (GGE)

Prof. Dr. Christoph Clauser

Chair of Hydrology

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rüde

Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management

Prof. Dr. Holger Schüttrumpf

University of Bonn

Meteorological Institute

Prof. Dr. Clemens Simmer

Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kusche

Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dieter Schuh

University of Cologne

Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology

Prof. Dr. Yaping Shao

Prof. Dr. Roel Neggers

Institute of Computer Science

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lang

Forschungszentrum Jülich

Institute of Bio- and Geosciences | IBG-3 Agrosphere

Prof. Dr. Harry Vereecken

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kollet

Jülich Supercomputing Centre

Dr. Klaus Görgen

International Partners

Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center

Prof. Dr. Reed Maxwell

An initiative of