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Workshop 2011

Integrated Hydrologic Model Intercomparison Workshop: Benchmark Simulations

In this workshop the performance of several groundwater-surface water models in solving a set of simple hydrological problems or test cases designed to evaluate the coupled model behavior under a broad range of idealized conditions were compared. Each test case simulates precipitation on a simple domain for a specified period, followed by a recession period with no precipitation during which the simulated hydrograph recesses to no-flow conditions. Test cases were divided into 1) integrated groundwater-surface water problems on a simple sloping plane, and 2) overland and channel flow problems on a simple v-tilted domain. For each case, pressure head distributions and hydrographs at the domain outlet were compared between models.

The workshop dealt with the following topics:

1. Integrated groundwater-surface water modeling examples

  • Homogeneous soil test cases

  • Heterogeneous soil test cases

2. Overland and channel flow

The workshop was held on March 10-11, 2011 at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, US.

Detailed information on the workshop can be found here.


  • Reed Maxwell, CSM
  • Mario Putti, U Padova
  • Stefan Kollet, UniBonn
  • Claudio Paniconi, U Quebec
  • Mauro Sulis, U Quebec
  • Steven Meyerhoff, CSM
  • Ian Ferguson, CSM
  • Shadi Moqbel, Isra U

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